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clyde marine interview tips?

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  • clyde marine interview tips?

    ive got an interview for an ETO Cadetship with clyde marine at the end of the month, does anyone have any tips?


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    The interview is basically a test, make sure you revise the MN and the booklet you were sent. If you are indeed serious about joining the MN then you will know most of the answers anyway and Dress smart obviously

    Good luck mate.


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      awesome, thanks!

      the only booklet I got was just one with loads of different kinds of ships on it, should I do some more research online as well? it did say to go to their website on the form as well.


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        I can't help but I know a guy who may be able to, like me hes an ETO cadet but hes with clyde and Im not. He will be on later I imagine and as I house share with him I'll tell him you posted anyways so he may be able to give you some tips.

        Best advice:
        - Know why you want to do the job at sea as opposed to being a leccy or something similar ashore.
        - Reasearch What the merchant navy is, look up current events in the industry.
        - Find out what a typical area of responsibility for an ETO is - there was a big discussion in here a few weeks ago about this and interview tips Ill link the thread if i can as it will give you a good most of the active ETO posters (of which there are only a few, inc me and the aforemention "guy") contributed to it so it saves us having to write it all out again.

        Theres more but id say thats a start... Here is the thread i mentioned:

        Feel free to reply on here or pm me if you have course specific stuff as thats the same regardless of company.

        Good luck!
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          Well, in the interview they asked me how many crew an Oil Tanker would usually have and how many crew a Cruise ship would have. The questions they quiz you on, from the booklet you were sent are randomly selected by the interviewer. So make sure you know the speeds and crew sizes. The interview is based on a point system, so the more points the better chance of being successful, also I was told that if you score high you have better chance of getting the sponsoring conpanies you want.


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            Dont stress to much about numbers of crew, all its trying to get across is that you realise on a tanker its going to be 30 and a passanger it could be 1000. and that because of this you cna undersatnd th eworking enviroment, what your trying to get across is that you want to be an eto, so why that instead of a landbased job and that you will be able to survive on a ship and the very different working enviromnet to shore side.

            but a good bit of information and back ground reading is good. if you dont know something dont fudge it be honest and say so, after all your not qualified so you dont need to know everything. another good area is other duties so safety responsibilites etc of officers
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              Belated good luck!!

              (Can you tell I'm meant to revising?! Oops... *gets the books out*)
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                thanks for the advice guys!

                so is it just like questions about the info about the ships/crew in the booklet they sent and some about general merchant navy stuff? followed by a proper interview?

                will there be any math exams or anything?

                thanks for the advice so far!


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                  there wasn't a maths exam in 2010.
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