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what happens at the end of the cadetship

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  • what happens at the end of the cadetship

    hi do you get a job ate the end of the cadetship?

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    What is it with you and the bloody one liners? Did you also forget your grammar, spelling and punctuation? Honestly....

    Yes, you do get a job at the end of your cadetship, however for about 90% of folks it won't be with their sponsor company and chances are the agency that took you on in the first place won't even help you.
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      At which fast food chain would you like to work as a hygiene specialist?


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        Now now boys, lets keep things friendly. A job isn't guaranteed at the end of a cadetship, some companies may require you to do return of service once you have qualified. Saying that though as the number of cadets has increased over the last few years that doesn't necessarily stand any more. Mostly it will depend on how you perform though your cadetship, make friends with the right people and impress them and you may be able to get a recommendation, cruise though doing the minimum and you won't.


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          Originally posted by UrbanSadface View Post
          hi do you get a job ate the end of the cadetship?
          Word on the street is certain recruiting companies cast a vague eye in this direction. Showing up with sloppily formatted, poorly spelt sentences could potentially prejudice your applications. Whilst some of the forum veterans have their own way of warning you of the above, I'll make it plain and simple. If you can't communicate properly be it on a web forum, a covering letter or in a face-to-face interview; good look finding a cadetship in such a competitive marketplace.


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            On another forum I go on somebody started a new thread with the title "job oppotunaties" asking if anyone had any tips for finding a job in Glasgow. Needless to say he was absolutley slated for the equivalent of not being able to spell "application" on a job application.

            Also, my company don't guarantee you a job, about 70-80% of cadets apprently get one.