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  • Sstg, maersk, clyde marine

    Hi folks, Would like your advice, would be really appreicated.
    If you have the choice of SSTG - Boston Putford, Clyde Marine or Maersk , which would you choose and why???



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    Maersk will train you well and you'll get to see the world, they have a fleet of ships from every industry which you should get the chance to serve on; generally excellent training as far as I hear.

    Clyde Marine.

    SSTG are a great training agency, all the training officers are lovely and will make sure everything is well at college and are happy to listen while you are a sea; they also pay your accommodation throughout college.
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      SSTG have been great with me so far, really helpful. However my accommodation isn't being paid by them.


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        I would say that getting the widest exposure to the industry possible is best as a cadet, I know people bang on about pax ships, but honestly you can try those later! - I would probably say Maersk or Clyde, followed by SSTG.
        Cruise ship Captain with experience on-board Passenger Vessels ranging from 5500-150000 GRT.


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          Always going to be a tough choice that like, who you train with may determine which way your career goes. i trained with Maersk and it was good training and good ships and despite them telling me i wouldn't get a job i did and in the offshore supply fleet despite me having no experience just because i did well over my cadet ship. i didnt get to go on anything but container ships however i did get too see a lot of places, lots of my friends did get trips on gas and oil tankers. most of my friends were with SSTG and got a very large mixture of vessels, one lad never left British waters whilst another one was on a different type of ship and a different part of the world each time, he also got offered a job by one of the companies he worked for as a cadet. i cant speak for clyde marine, iv never met anyone with them but i can imagine there the same as SSTG.
          if was to start again id go with maersk again without a doubt or another company, not an agency but thats my opinion and everyone has one, at the end of the day its up to you and you alone. good luck and i hope you get whatever you decide upon! =]


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            I have had experiences with; Clyde Marine, Maersk and SSTG. At the end I think I made the right decision going with SSTG.

            Although a benefit with maersk is that you are employed directly by Maersk and they do train you well. Plus they have a wide variety of ships, box boats, tankers, supply, and they tend to move you around the different types, which is good for experience.

            There is companies within SSTG where they employ directly but most of their member companies dont.

            There is also quite a big difference financially between all three in what they offer you as a cadet, I dont want to tell you exactly what each offer as I think its best to make your decision based on what you want and and training etc.


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              Hi, late reply on this thread...

              Belfaster, you said you made the right decision going with SSTG, what made them so good? You didn't really say anything about them. I've got an interview with them in 2 weeks, so I'm keen to know what life with them might be like.