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    The Carnival interview is a full day so you could have a little midweek trip!
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      As far as I know HAL are using Viking as their training administrator rather than Carnival UK even though they are all part of the happy Carnival family.

      HAL are probably just as good for deck and engine cadets as any other cruise line but they are rather more mixed at providing meaningful training for ETO cadets based on my own experience and the 3 others in the class who were on a HAL ship as an ETO cadet. The on-board training was geared up for the Dutch dual cadet system and the predominantly Dutch engineering dept was not keen on the ETO scheme (The Dutch don't currently have an ETO scheme). I don't think this will change very quickly.

      If you're choosing a cruise line sponsored ETO cadetship between Carnival, Princess (SSTG) or HAL (Viking) then my advice is to stay clear of HAL for the time being.

      The first 4 ETOs to be recruited by HAL started at STC in Sept and go to sea in April, so it will be interesting to hear their experiences when they return in Sept.

      Whitby to Rochester to Southampton and back - Thats a long drive or train journey. Do you get to stay somewhere the night before?
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        Thanks for the advice, I'll just have to wait and see if Carnival and Princess get back to me too.
        As for the journey, my Dad is taking a couple of days off work and we are gonna drive down on the Sunday night, stay over in Rochester, then both my interviews are on the Monday, so we are gonna set off home straight after the interviews. two interviews in one day, it's gonna be the longest day of my life!


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          During my talks with the woman from HAL, she told me that they are only taking on 4 ETO cadets! what does this mean for my chances? is competition high?