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Any tips for a new deck cadet?

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  • Any tips for a new deck cadet?

    Ok, I have accepted an offer for a cadetship and passed my medical, so it looks like after years of waiting I should be starting in September! If you could offer one (or more) pieces of advice for someone starting a cadetship what would it be? Like on anything- from turning up at college to rocking up to your first ship, I hope this makes for some interesting reading :-)



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    Hello and welcome.

    Keep your head down, get the academics out the way, don't be a tit and piss your sponsor/agency off and i'm sure you'll do alright. We have a guide to joining your first ship somewhere around here, have a read of that and you'll be alright. Anything else, just ask.
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      Maths make sure your comfortable with trigonometry before September. If your a deck cadet guess engineers do maths as well though. Save your pennys even though you will get paid every little helps


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        AS Lewis has said make sure you're maths is up to scratch (gcse standard or above) and you'll have a much easier time at college. I remember trying to help some deck cadets with simple transposition of formula which they could have practised before starting college.
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          Don't be scared to ask questions in both college and ship. Especially on ship if your not 110% sure about how to do something you have been asked to do then ask, Officers would much rather explain something to you 10 times over than try to fix your mistake.

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            Thank you very much for the replies everyone! I will keep my maths up to date over the summer, I am doing Higher just now, but if you dont use it you lose it :-( Thank you guys!