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Good news re: SMarT Funding?

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  • Good news re: SMarT Funding?

    This is good, right?

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    Yes! Very good!


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      Originally posted by Fox View Post

      That looks like great news ???


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        slightly between the lines, everything the same upto first ticket then looks like funding for further tickets might take a bit of a hit, but as I never understood how that bit worked anyway, I suspect it wont make a whole heap of difference in reality.

        So anyway good news, now expect Clyde et al to make it's decisions now and start the recruitment in earnest.
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          it annoyingly doesnt say what the previous level of funding was, so there may still be a reduction although it may just be done by removing the higher ticket, and it looks like they will try to make any drop outs more accountable as well.
          at least all those people with the vague letters from clyde should now be getting a confirmation which will be nice
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            Originally posted by Fox View Post

            Well that seems to be pretty much what I predicted *feels smug and happy*
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              Very good news. Will be posting a news piece about it later this afternoon, just waiting for answers from my contacts re: the effect of increased tuition fees considering SMarT budget will be staying static.
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                Brilliant news! CD, I look forward to hearing what your contacts say.