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ENG1 and Crohn's

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  • ENG1 and Crohn's

    Pretty self explanatory from the title.

    Diagnosed at 10, remission since had the small/large intestine junction (only about 5-10cm either side of appendix) out at 12 and I'm now 20. On 1g Penteza a day (tiny dose the nurses in my new city didnt believe me) and otherwise generally healthy.

    Chances of being happily cleared or restricted only? Cant imagine that I would be stopped outright from going to sea but better to know sooner or later.

    (asked my GP, they have no clue. strange being in aberdeen)

    Thanks, James.

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    The only way to find out is to arrange an ENG-1 with an approved doctor. It costs around ?70 (but varies depending upon which company you get to do it). There are 3 approved places in Aberdeen;

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      Highly doubtful to be honest. Pal of mine is in a similar situation and has already been told he won't be able to get an ENG1.
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        MSN 1765 states that it is at the discretion of the medical examiner on a case-by-case basis; they have more leeway if considering you for a restricted medical. The only way to know is to book an appointment and find out; you will need to take a letter from your GP(and your consultant if you have one) detailing your case history and what treatment you are receiving.
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