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Can you fail the Maersk maths test?

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  • Can you fail the Maersk maths test?

    hi there ,

    is it possible to fail the maths tests in the interview ?

    why do they send you the test before , how is it checked , it just seems a bit random that they will send me the test , and do i need to dig out my gcse certs and order new copies ? its been a while since i have seen a school let alone needed them ....

    , any other maersk guys out there starting sep 2012 ?



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    Hey Mark,

    I've sent off my Maersk application and they said they would send the maths and personality tests also, I guess this will either be online or something of the sort?
    All the companies I've interviewed with asked for my certs so would be good to bring those along too. I hope to be starting in 2012 is all goes smoothly with the company I deem the best when I've been offered places, gotta keep them options open. Might see ya there

    Hope I've at least slightly helped anyway haha!


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      Hey guys, when I went through the process I was sent a link to basically personality test, that was online and sent off. When we arrived to the interview we where all given a maths and english test (combined) in which we had 50 questions with 11 minutes to do them, it was designed so it wasn't completed, they told us this it was so it gives a fair representation of your abilities. I believe there is a cut of score I thought that was the bit I messed up most. As for certificates take the originals and copies for them to have. By the sounds of what you say it has changed and they are sending the tests out maybe? just gotta take it as it comes really alot of companies do things differently more so than others

      Hope this helps in some way
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        maths test

        When you go for interview and receive a maths test can you use a calculator?????


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          Just wanted to confirm... I've completed the maths and PI test that were sent via email. Is there an additional test to sit on the day of the interview?