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    So its been a week since I started the applications process. I've applied with Trinity House (scary passport photo included), Pritchard-Gordon, James Fisher, Maersk, Clyde Marine and Meridian. The last company on my "A" list... ie. not a cruise company, is JO Tankers but trying to find information on them is like pulling teeth. Even searching on the forums I couldn't find much mention of them and their website isn't the wealthiest source of information regarding recruitment.

    Does anyone have any experience of these guys or people who have been sponsored by them? Should I just fire off a CV and covering letter to the email listed in the company profiles section or send an enquiry?

    So far, a week in, and I've heard back from Maersk. Do you reckon it's worth taking my CV to the Warsash open day and mentioning to the companies present that I've applied to them?

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    No Idea about JO Tankers, however taking your CV to the Open day is as you youngsters say a "no brainer", which apparently is a good thing.....personally being brainless would strike me as being bad but hey and ho

    So yes take it along and thrust it into their sticky mitts, cant hurt, oh and maybe a cover letter too, all in nice envelopes so it looks like you thought it through prior to rocking up to the open day
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      I know someone who was a cadet with Jo Tankers a few years back, he always seemed happy with them and reckoned they were a good company to train with. I believe its Norwegian Officers mostly (could be completely wrong). Sorry I couldn't help any further.


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        The security team who come on board my companies ships also do security for JO tankers. Mostly Filipino crew and junior officers, Northern European Seniors. Heard good things, professional outfit by the sounds of it. Internet on board as well.