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Got offer from Clyde marine / government funding ?

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  • Got offer from Clyde marine / government funding ?

    Got a letter in today from Clyde saying that I was the sort of candidate they were looking for and that they would basically offer me position based on the decision by the government about funding n this decision was to be made at start of 2012 ! Does anyone know more info on this or where I could find out when the government have made this decision ?

    Also what do u need to do between being offered job and your first day of college? When are medicals done. I was planning going abroad for a few months as I know I can start this job in September !

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    Your Medical doesn't technically need to be done until just before you go to sea, however its normally part of your cadet contract that you have one before they will confirm you have a position (since failing to pass the medical = not allowed on ship).

    If Clyde haven't already told you you need it at this time then I would wait until they send you a letter telling you to have one - they only last 2 years and its a bit of a waste getting it now if you won't need it till September!

    You can normally book the ENG-1 2/3 days in advance of when you want an appointment at most doctors. Since I have no idea where you live, if you're in central Scotland, then Clyde Marine Medical are probably the closest to you - although you can find a list on the MCA's web site.

    Other things you may require before starting are;

    + US Visa - you can't get this until your company sends you a letter saying your employed by them on ship
    + Vaccinations - your company will tell you what you need to get, but most likely Yellow Fever as a minimum
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      soon after i had my acceptance letter i had the medical letter from clyde marine - the cadetship is only offered on the condition that you pass your medical... so even though i dont start college till next week i had to have my medical back in september.