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    Hello everyone,

    I am due to start college later this year and looking at the syllabus it shows that after the first at college phase we go to see for 31weeks (it's something around that anyway) I was just wondering if that is done all in one go as usual RFA deployments are 4months.

    Sorry if I am being ignorant I jusy want to make sure I know what to expect.

    Thanks everyone.

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    The most likely answer is that you'll do a couple of shorter trips, c. 3 months each. However, if you feel up to it and if it makes sense from a ship's programme point of view you might want to extend and do a single 6 month-ish trip. As an RFA cadet you have to be careful to watch your watchkeeping time requirements and how your ship's programme and the programmes of potential future appointments help you meet those requirements. This year may be a bad one for accruing watchkeeping time as there are a number of ships programmed for long refit or maintenance periods - not too bad for a first trip, but not good at all for second trip and onwards. Cadet berths on active and interesting ships will be at a premium.

    Last year was a bit of a bumper year, with things happening off Libya keeping ships at sea more than might otherwise have been the case, but the price for that is going to be paid this year with less activity.


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      That is a very comprehensive answer thank you Steve. You seem to have a good knowledge so hope you dont mind me picking your brain as things crop up. Cheers!


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        I see you aren't going to Dartmouth *spit* until the summer, so you won't be joining a ship until late this year or into next year. I've no idea what the level of activity will be then. Depends on whether there's a war on somewhere...