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Too late for 2012? Tips for Applying.

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  • Too late for 2012? Tips for Applying.

    First post proper!

    I was wondering if I was too late to apply for sponsorship for September 2012? Looking around at some of the posts most people seem to have sent of applications, secured interviews etc. and I was hoping to attend the Warsash open day before making the first big steps.

    If I'm honest my life only fell into place in December when I learnt I would be moving in with my fiance in Hampshire come March, subsequently I was a little late to the ball when it came to looking at the application processes only today sitting down and making a list of 14 potential companies and organisations I may seek sponsorship from.

    I'm 27 and I don't want to get too old before applying and I had hoped to strike while the iron was hot, but the literature I recieved from Warsash concerning sponsorship application suggested around Christmas was the appropriate time to begin, however I read in one thread that Maersk had reached their deadline and I assume others will have done also.

    If I have missed the deadline for September when would be the earliest I would be able to begin after that and when should I seek to apply?

    Furthermore, and coming across as a complete newbie here, what are the best ways to apply? Via online application forms, email or CV and cover letter?

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    hey ramfeild66 !

    Looks like I'll see you at warsash then mate

    To be honest, if your not sure about applications being closed. apply anyway, you might as well take a chance, there is nothing to loose. if not, January intake is only 4 months later? might be more in your favour, but apply for January, you might be surprised!


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      Dude, Its January! Some places haven't even begun taking applications! Get cracking!

      Also, online application form is a winner as that is what they will want from you.
      I love deadlines. I like the whooshing sound they make as they fly by.....

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        Hi Ramfeild66, welcome to OC. As GuinnessMan said really, many companies haven't even opened applications for September 2012 yet.

        As far as applications go, I think the consensus is very much the sooner the better. Most applications are done online; the only exception to this rule as far as I know is James Fisher who still deal in paper and snail mail J

        Good luck


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          Thanks for the quick responses. Well I just completed the online application for Maersk as ideally I'd like to work containers or product tankers. Was just looking at James Fisher, they do have a printable application form!

          As an aside, has anyone ever applied using a cover letter and if so, what did you write in it... the typical "why would you like to become a seafarer" stuff or something else.

          Also, I have a GCSE grade C in Maths, B in Physics (as a double award) and English but I sat these in 2001. I also have A levels (A,B,C) in English Language and Literature, Media Studies and History as well as an Honors degree. Compared to some I feel my GCSE grades are kind of mediocre and worryingly outdated, would I be advised to resit these and how does one go about doing that? Thanks for the responses so far!


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            I sent cover letters with all my applications! If you're emailing someone a CV, or posting it to them you should definitely put in a cover letter, saying exactly what you're applying for, why you want it, what experience you have that is particularly relevant to the job, what you can offer them as a package and generally how superb you'd be in that position. The CV is the fact-sheet to back it up and provide background, the letter is the application!!

            Online applications are slightly different, as they generally either provide you with a place to upload your CV or ask you to put ALL the information you have on said CV into their own form (which tends to be a painfully long process) and sometimes, once you've done that they ask you to also upload your CV anyway. Either way they will also give you a box in which to say a bit more about yourself, which is where you have to try and paraphrase your carefully constructed cover letter.

            In either situation, you don't want to be giving them "the typical" anything when you write that bit, you want to SELL yourself!!

            I think your GCSEs will be fine, you'll get a maths refersher course at college anyway, I started my cadetship at 26, ie. 10 years after my GCSEs and yeah I was a bit rusty, but they got the cogs working again soon enough!


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              Hi Ramfeild66, if you applied to Maersk after the deadline you will most probably receive an email at some point saying that your application is being held on file for the next intake.

              As for applying with a CV and cover letter I understand where you are coming from; some of the online applications seem absolutely useless and don’t give much room for maneuver. From personal experience I would advise using them anyway.

              As for academic qualifications, coming from a humanities background, I should imagine sponsoring companies would only really be interested in your maths/science GCSEs. When it comes to re-sitting GCSEs, contact potential sponsors and ask them for advice – some are quite flexible in their entry requirements.



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                Your position sounds about the same as mine. It took me a while but I have finally decided on a career change and have just this week started to apply using the online application forms and looking towards hopefully starting in September. Once you have done one form the rest are easy, its mostly the same information like any other application form.

                My GCSE results are the same as yours as well and I took them quite a while back. I have have gone for the option of re taking Maths GCSE again. Its slowly flooding back to me and i'm actually enjoying maths this time around. I'm glad I'm doing it as I think it will look better on my applications and it also means if I do get a place my maths will be up to date and i will feel comfortable tackling it on the course. I'm overseas at the moment so am doing it through Oxford Open Learning and taking my exams in June in the UK. If you google it you will find loads of places offering GCSE re takes, evening classes etc. You might just need a refresher course or something?

                Good luck, keep us updated it will be interesting to see how we both get on.

                Cheers, Dan.


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                  Originally posted by danking View Post
                  Once you have done one form the rest are easy, its mostly the same information like any other application form.
                  That rings a bell, ? ? ? — — — ? ? ?


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                    With regards to retaking GCSE's I'll probably see how this raft of applications goes. If I fail to get an interview when I'm planning on applying to 10 companies/organisations, I'll be pretty certain my education needs a revamp.

                    As for the cover letters/personal statements you find on online applications I'm trying to mix a little bit of personal history, employment history and my qualities into the reasons for applying, but 250 words is an anaemic limitation. I guess I'll see how it goes this year and by March when I'm settled in my new place, reconsider if I haven't heard back from anybody.

                    Thanks for the excellent advice guys, looking forward to the open day at Warsash!


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                      Don't forget it takes some companies aeons to get back to you. I applied in Nov 2008, to pretty much everyone I could think of, and in late March (by which time I'd been at college for nearly three months) I got a call from Carnival asking if I was still interested, and an email from Maersk asking the same!!


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                        I was told at one of my interviews that competition had gone up enormously in the last few years, with one company citing 2000 applicants for 50 places if I remember rightly. Some companies will respect you enough to reply with an answer, a lot will leave you sitting twiddling your thumbs.

                        Apply to absolutely everyone. If it's career change your after don't worry to much about how you get trained for your OOW ticket, just make sure you increase your chances of cadet sponsorship, then when qualified you can be picky about which companies.

                        Are u going for deck or eng? I'm told there's far more competition for deck.


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                          I'm applying for deck, unfortunately. However in the application process many don't specifically ask. I am applying to everybody (even cruise companies when my interest lies in tankers/container ships) however my C in GCSE Maths really cuts down on a few companies who require a B, principally those with the most cadet positions available.

                          As I said, if my applications fail this year I may resit my GCSE Maths and broaden my horizons, I've already run the gammit on unlikely odds this year first securing 1 of the 100 jobs at the warehouse I used to work at from 2,000 candidates and then obtaining a night portering job on the side from which there were 60 applicants.