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Women' shoes for college

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  • Women' shoes for college

    Hi all

    Not sure if this is in the right section.

    I am starting Warsash at the end of January, and i was wondering if there is any gudiance on which types of shoes female cadets can wear to college as the joining instructions just state black uniform shoes.

    Many Thanks in advance


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    I wouldn't recommend high heels, but as long as they're not too trashy I reckon you can get away with some heel. However, if you're going to be taking them on ship with you I would definitley get something flat, or with at most a very small wedge heel (my shoes had about an inch wedge) something with good support and good grip basically as you will be wearing them all day, every day!


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      I've seen a range of womens' footwear at Warsash, from plain flat shoes to stilleto heels! Whatever you're comfortable in is best really, as long as you have safety shoes/boots for your short courses and practical shoes for your seatime.
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        I agree with Size4riggerboots - I've just finished my first phase at Warsash and saw some with flats and others with a little heel, nothing to mad. I would advice getting flats as you may want to wear the shoes when on board your ship and heels will not work well for you I'm positive! You can always just phone up Warsash and ask on there clothing restrictions.



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          So thats a no to see through stripper heels then?
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