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Leaving university to become a cadet?

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  • Leaving university to become a cadet?

    Hi there. I hope you can help.
    I'm currently in my first year of University studying Accounting and Finance. I enjoy the course, however, I came across the cadetship opportunities in October and realised that training to become a Navigation Officer is the right choice for me. I've since been researching and applying to companies and thus, have some interviews lined up for early in the new year. If successful, I would hopefully complete my first year of uni and start the cadetship in September.

    However, I'm worried that by technically being a 'drop-out', I will be significantly hindered in the interview, to what extent do you think this is likely? - Although, if I knew about the cadetships last year, I would have certainly applied to them then! (Accounting was a safe option and I had been offered the security of an 18 month E&Y internship).

    Secondly, I understand that a review is taking place of SMarT, do you think it's likely (given my student loans) that I'll be blocked from funding?

    Thanks for your help.

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    I don't think SMart funding is in any way connected with student loans, I dropped out of (Art School) and it wasn't a problem at all. The current boring details are in this MGN

    Companies will want to know why you dropped out, and whether you can demonstrate that this desire to be in the MN is not a passing phase, will you stay the distance on the course and not be distracted by something shinier and prettier (as you were distracted from your accounting course by the MN). IMO it's best to put a summation of this in your application, and be ready to back it up with more in the interviews. From what you say though I would imagine that they'd be understanding, it's well known that the MN isn't well promoted to school leavers and the majority of the population still has no idea what we do!!

    Do lots of research, this forum is a gold mine if you root about old questions, but also use the careers at sea website, company websites (a list of which can be found on the careers at sea site) and read around the subject, find out about ship types, where they work and what they do, read blogs by seafarers and cadets (we have a handy blogroll, but it's not exhaustive and there are many more out there) and when you have a question (that google doesn't provide an easy answer to!) we are here to help Best of luck, and welcome to the forum! S4


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      Hi Nate. You mentioned you were worried about being classed as a drop out. I myself dropped out of college just last week and I've got a place starting in February on a HNC deck course. I was worried as what I was studying at college had nothing to do with navigation (Aeronautical Engineering). I had no problem with getting a place on a cadetship, but maybe i was just lucky.

      As for the interview, most are just about why you want to join the merchant navy and other general questions about whats involved to make sure youve done your research and know exactly what your getting your self into.

      Hope i can help


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        Thanks, some really useful information here!


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          Accounting and finance will come in handy if you ever make it to captain

          Whatever you choose to do, good luck.
          Go out, do stuff