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    Hello, Im applying for a deck cadetship and was wondering if there was anything thatd look really good on my application? like qualifications or hobbies etc (except obvious like GCSE/A levels)

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    Some companies like you to attach additional information that you feel would support your application. This can be anything you like, as you say hobbies additional qualifications. If you've done any RYA stuff or that you have a real interest in the job.

    You can put anything you want in so long as it's relavent and you feel that the person reading it would get a better insight into why you want the job. Remember these companies process thousands of applications, so one with a little extra information attached can only help your chances.

    Choice is up to you, good luck anyways

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      Ensure that your CV is well formatted and laid out in an easy to read style. Have a friend or family member double check your CV to you, and help highlight any spelling or grammatical errors.