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  • Zodiac

    Is anyone with Zodiac? There portfolio is good but I've not heard anything good...

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    I'm not but a friend of mine is, he has just come back from his first trip on a Hapeg-Lloyd charter and he said he had a great few months. The one thing you have to remember about Zodiac is they have a lot of ships and take on a lot of cadets, hence more chance of a variety of reports coming back from cadets returning from sea.


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      Don't listen to the bad reports, people only speak about them and not the good ones.

      By far and away the majority of people have a great trip with them.


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        One of the guys who was on my course was with Zodiac,

        we ribbed him with great vigour as they have been unfortunate with some of their ships, and I think before he went to sea for 1st sea phase, he was looking at it with no great enthusiasm.

        When he came back to college after his 1st sea phase he was really happy with his choice, good training, good trips, the whole bag, and this was continued through our second (And final) sea phase. All in all everyone was pleasantly surprised for him.

        He hasn't stayed with them post orals simply because the trip lengths are a bit long and the wages a bit low, but as a training company they seem to be pretty on the ball.

        Just suck it and see, the trips and the experience you get on them are what you make of them. Go into it open minded and you'll have no worries.


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          Aye, they're not bad. As much as we all like to make jokes about coffins and what not, they are not that bad. The reason they get such a bad run is because they manage that many vessels they seem to have more accidents than a company that has say 10 vessels.

          I personally wouldn't want to train on them as they only really appear to do Lego ships and I'd be a bit bored with that....
          I love deadlines. I like the whooshing sound they make as they fly by.....

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