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  • a few questions

    I have a couple of questions i hope someone can help.

    Has anyone applied for a cadetship on the Clyde Marine website, there is a test you have to do, can anyone advise whats on the test before i commit to taking it?

    I'm looking to secure a cadetship place but have been struggling a little to find sponsor companies where i meet the educational requirements. I have a C in physics, B in English and a C in Maths. I meet the requirements for Clyde, but not others such as SSTG etc... Is this due to the maths content of the course? How difficult is it? I'm willing to work hard and improve my maths skills....but would i be wasting time with these qualifications? as i'm guessing competition is high. PS I'm also an older candidate at 27, done the whole 9-5 office jobs and really bored of it and want something different. I've joined the RNR, been in 2 months so hopefully this will help my application.

    Also, i've heard in a few places companies like to place you at colleges in different parts of the country to where you live, I live in South Shields so would prefer to go to the college in South Shields....

    Any insights appreciated!!

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    Hi raich.

    I didn't study with Clyde myself, although I know there are a number of members on the forum who are.

    We cannot give away specific details about any company aptitude tests of any sort, so responses to this question will be quite general in what you have to know for the test.

    In answer to your other questions. The entry requirements to most colleges are A-C in maths, english and science with at least 2 other subjects. I take it you're applying for HND?

    In any case, some companies require higher grade passes, so would be looking for an A or B in maths. The course at college is very maths based, especially when you progress to the later stage of the cadetship. Physics also plays a large part in some subjects.

    You are taught everything you need to know, but if you really do struggle with maths, it may be that the carrer isn't for you. Maths doesn't just end with the graduation from college, it's ongoing throughout the job of Officer of the Watch (OOW).

    If you're fine with maths in general, then there's nothing to stop you, however if you feel that your options are being restricted by the C grade in maths, have you considered taking a GCSE maths course at evening classes?

    The companies will decide (generally) which college you go to and to get you accustomed to life at sea and to 'break the home bond' they may send you to a college that is further away, like glasgow or warsash. It's not set in stone but I know that some companies prefer to do this.

    Welcome to the forum, have a look around don't be a stranger!

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      Hi raich, the Clyde test isn’t anything special; can you pick the odd letter out from AEIOZ? Can you tell me how much change I would get if I put ?34.98 worth of petrol in my car and paid with a ?50 note? It may be useful to have a pen and paper, maybe even a calculator to hand.

      I can’t comment on the content of the course as I haven’t started yet; I would imagine if you meet the minimum requirements and are willing to work hard you should be absolutely fine.

      I’m with SSTG and as I have lived away from home before they weren’t too fussed about sending me to a college at the other end of the country; it may be something to ask at interview.

      Good luck



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        The maths level needed on the course is not as high as Randomist implies, you're only going to need to be able to do basic things like ratios and algebra, and once you've done the course you'll know how to do cel nav, basic fuel run calcs and stability, which once you've got the picture in your head and the formulae learnt is actually quite simple, it's just a question of remembering the formulae and knowing which bits of information you need to plough into them and they will make sure you know that! They want you to have a decent level of GCSE level maths so you can get to grips with these things in a college phase (about 12 weeks) but there's a lot of support available in the form of clinics outside of regular college hours so that even the students who struggle most get it in the end, assuming they put the effort in.


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          Originally posted by raich View Post
          Has anyone applied for a cadetship on the Clyde Marine website, there is a test you have to do, can anyone advise whats on the test before i commit to taking it?
          The test comes before you put in any personal details, so I wouldn't worry too much about it. Just have a go and if you don't pass, put in a new e-mail address and try again once you've brushed up on spelling, grammar and basic arithmetic, which is all it tests you on.

          I did have to laugh at the spelling mistakes in a test which in part tests spelling. Well done Clyde Marine!