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Sept 2012 how many places left SSTG

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  • Sept 2012 how many places left SSTG

    Can anyone who has been to an interview or had contact with SSTG recently tell me how many places are left for starting in Sept. 2012? I am specifically interested in OOCL as I had a place with them for starting last year but had to turn it down due to one of my family facing possible serious medical issues (it was just a scare in the end) so I am looking to possible reapply and see about getting a place with them again.

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    The ONLY people who will know that are SSTG, you will just have to re-apply and take your chances the same as everyone else, it is also unlikely that any company will actually tell you how many places are left, they "may" tell you how many they are looking for in a year but thats about it.......sorry
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      As Chiefy said really. If you had a successful interview with them last year you should know how much of a friendly bunch they are at SSTG; give Steve a ring and ask him.


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        When I went for my interview they ran though a list of what companies still had places,this was in May I think so quite late in the process. I just wondered if anyone had a list read to them at interview. No worries and thanks for the replies, I will give them a ring. I am kind of worried that all the places will be gone as I have heard the number of applications has rocketed this year.