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    Hi All,

    I'll briefly explain my situation and then get to my query at the end. I'm currently studying an Advanced Diploma of Nautical Science at the Australian Maritime College in Launceston, Tasmania, and am one week away from completing the Phase 1 pre sea training. I've funded this part of the study myself, so I don't currently have sponsorship.

    My background is that I sailed charter yachts for a while in Germany in 1999, just after finishing school, and also did a one month tour on a 60m three masted square rigger from Scotland to Denmark in the same year. In 2000 I returned to Australia, studied law, and have been practicing as a commercial lawyer for the last 5 years. As I haven't enjoyed that career at all, I took some time out and decided that I want to become a deck officer. I got high marks in advanced maths, physics and chemistry at school and am doing well in the current course, and I'm happy to relocate anywhere for the chance to get my new career started.

    The question I have is which international shipping companies accept applications from aspiring Australian cadets? My experience so far is that there are quite a few that won't even consider me based on my nationality, and I wondered whether anyone here had encountered the same problems and what the solutions were. Also, if anyone has a list of international shipping companies that do take Australians, then I'd be really grateful.

    Any other general advice is also welcome.

    Thanks in advance


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    Interesting question Cross.

    From the UK it's hard to find out who would sponsor overseas cadets, I know that some companies do, but others only hire within the EU. Others may sponsor overseas cadets who are studying within the UK.

    You may try getting in contact with any Maritime Training facilities that there are in Australia, or even contacting AMSA. AMSA conduct oral examinations for Australian certificates of competency and may know of a few companies you can write to.

    Alternatively you may contact some large international shipping companies directly such as BP, Shell, CMA CGM and see if they run a cadet program in Australia.

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      there was a Kiwi cadet on the Holland America Line ship I was on, got the training spot through Viking who also operate in the UK. I know both countries are rivals etc but you could try to Viking NZ

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        Try contacting any local recruitment office in NZ. There are a number of companies that take on cadets from all over the place.

        Rio Tinto, V.Ships, cruise lines, etc...
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          There is an Australian cadet in my class at STC, however she holds a British passport. I know that her sponsoring company would not take her on without a UK passport.

          Perhaps not what you wanted to hear, but hopefully useful none the less.


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            Have a chat with the unions in Oz...they are far more active and influential than ours and might be able to give you the right advice. I would say, however, that a company finding a candidate willing to travel to the motherland just to train would be delighted to find somebody so motivated!
            The UK cadetship industry is the product of a tax subsidy, don't think that it is the only way forward!! Best of luck, and keep us posted.


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              P&O Australia?


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                Maybe P&O Cruises Australia?

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