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Regarding the expected level of qualifications (and other questions).

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  • Regarding the expected level of qualifications (and other questions).

    Hello all, first post!

    I've been looking into a career in the MN for a while now and as I start to apply I'd really like to know the expectations with the qualifications I have. At GCSE I have 5As 4Bs and a C. (Double Award Science AA, English A and Maths B) and at AS I have a single E and at A2 I have CDD. 200 UCAS points in total, however none of the A-levels are science based (although one is in Classics, so if we get lost I may be qualified to tell stories regarding the Odyssey for irony's sake). I have a bit of 'life experience' as well, having lived abroad for a year and I currently work for an events company. I'm going to try for the HND Deck Cadet route with SSTG, begining in September 2012.

    I got interested in this career through finding out about the RFA but reading through this forum it became very apparent, very quickly, that I shouldn't be overly picky so early on and in fact I'm leaning away from the RFA and onto a more (and I use this term loosely) 'regular' shipping company. Of course I have preferences in my mind, open sea over ferries and Ro-Ro's, particularly box ships and tankers. I'd really prefer not to be on a cruise ship but if it's the only option, I'd still jump at the chance.

    Basically what I'm wondering is, with competition for places increasing, do I have a hard time ahead of me in the application process? If any people about to begin their Phase 1 in January wouldn't mind, what did you get in with? I know I meet the minimum level but how many people get through to an interview with just meeting the minimum requirements?

    I realise this is all subject to interview performance and other factors on top of that but I was wondering if I'm good to go or going to struggle for a place?

    Two small questions. Firstly, if I do get accepted by SSTG, the colleges are South Tyneside, Warsash and Fleetwood (?). Do I, my sponsor company or SSTG choose which one I'm placed at? And secondly, are there any real differences between them barring location?

    Anyway, thanks in advance as any advice or guidence is genuinely appreciated.


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    Traditionally the company pick your college and *normally* they send you away from home to get you used to it.

    The courses meet the same requirements at each college but my be presented differently, but HND=HND=HND if you see what I mean
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      Your qualifications are enough to gain a cadetship. Different companies have different expectations.

      For Foundation Degree you're required to have 120 UCAS points (last I checked) but a lot of companies say that you have to have an A level in Maths or Physics or 'an acceptable physical science.'

      HND require A-C in 5 GCSE's including maths and science and an A-C in at least 2 other subjects.

      As has been said different companies require different things, however you should make sure that the grades your company is asking for tie in with what the colleges want. It has been known for a company to say 'yes' to someone but a college say 'no' because the candidate didn't meet their requirements.

      For your ref: - careers at sea site. - list of sponsoring companies - Warsash's qualification list (for comparisons).

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        Hi Johnny, providing I pass my medical on Thursday I will be starting with SSTG in January. I will try to be as succinct as possible in addressing your questions.

        Competition for places has increased considerably over the last few years; I believe this trend is likely to continue and I think you are very sensible in not being too picky.

        As far as academic qualifications are concerned I wouldn?t worry too much about comparing yourself to others. You have a good set of GCSEs and meet the minimum requirements for both the HNC/D and the FD; I personally feel SSTG place much more emphasis on your statement and life experiences.

        Again from personal experience SSTG want to put you at a college where you will be happy, be that close to home or otherwise. As far as differences between the colleges, generally speaking there aren?t any.

        If you have any more SSTG specific questions please feel free to PM me.