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Eligibility for funding?

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  • Eligibility for funding?

    I've been looking through the forums and don't believe anyone has answered this yet.
    If they have then I apologise for starting a new topic.

    My question is, does dropping out of a university degree effect the application process at all?
    I unfortunately had to 'drop out' of uni a few years ago after 2 years due to there being no jobs in that chosen field. I decided to not continue my studies and have been paying back my student loan ever since.

    It's very important for me to find this out early in the process as I want all bases covered before approaching companies for the HND route.

    Thanks to anyone and everyone who can help.

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    I dropped out of my degree course, I had lost all enthusiasm for the subject and it was showing! You will probably get asked about it in interviews so be prepared to give reasons why you dropped out and why it won't happen on this course. They will be unwilling to sponsor someone who's flighty and likely to drop out because they get bored, but if you can demonstrate your enthusiasm for the course and the life of a seafarer it shouldn't be a problem.


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      Hi Riagan. I’m similar to S4 in the sense that I completely lost interest in my course at university and decided to make like a tree after two years. Your dropping out of university will undoubtedly affect your application, but not necessarily for the worse. Speaking as somebody who has been through the whole recruitment process recently my advice would be use your university and life experiences to your advantage. I would also suggest that it helps to show commitment elsewhere, such as in your employment since leaving university.

      Don’t let it put you off

      Good luck

      Ps As far as actual eligibility for funding is concerned you have nothing to worry about, it's a completely different scheme to the whole SLC stuff.


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        its noy uncommon, and its also not unheard of people going with totally irelavant degrees, its how you explain you choice to leave, the lack of jobs is a good reason. and what you have done in the mean time. just remember that you will a lot more to talk about for life experience than someone straight out of school
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          Thank you all for the responses.
          It's a big weight lifted from my shoulders to know it won't bar me entry.
          Good luck to everyone going through the process!