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Whats this with SSTG?

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  • Whats this with SSTG?

    Well, as I am more than nervous regarding my application to the RFA, last week I thought to send off an application to SSTG for a FD Engineering.

    The next day I received a missed call and a voicemail, which must show they're keen right?? Well I do have an ENG1 and discharge book already!

    So whats the deal? Are they any good to go with? Is there an initial interview? If so whats included? Sorry for all the questions, but this is my QUICK research into my backup option

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    Re: Whats this with SSTG?

    I applied back in Feb and have an interview in May as they said they were solidly booked for interview slots so I'm surprised they got back to you that quite.

    I have phoned them a couple of times and they seem very helpful so far. That's as much as I can say about it until I have been to my interview.


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      Re: Whats this with SSTG?

      very freindly and effiecent from what i have seen so far. your interview will be in kent more of a informal chat really . but he did say hes likes people who dress the part as it shows there prepared. they pay you back very quickly . i got mine two days later . which to be said i have been waiting a while for my maersk check . very effiecent on sending the letters to you and keeping you informed. just depends on what company they have left
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        Re: Whats this with SSTG?

        H, I am genuinely put out that you are being made to feel nervous about your RFA app.
        I know very well how much time and effort goes into that process, and the stuff you're reporting is frankly, deeply unimpressive on their part.

        The SSTG man strikes me as marmite, some people have nothing but good to say about him; others nothing good to say about him.

        I suspect that any mention that you've been made an offer by the RFA equates to hinting that you're at the top end of candidates.

        I'm not sure SSTG will have many slots now, and if they do they will be **** ones.

        You can still slip a BP app in if you do it tonight.

        ...any of the others, god knows.

        Try James Fisher (decent money), even JO Tankers (better than nothing). throw a couple at Cannibal and Princess if you like (any nicknames for Princess, JOT, and JF?!)

        Is it just that you haven't got the 100% ENG1 or what? What are the Pompey Greeks actually saying?
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          Re: Whats this with SSTG?

          Originally posted by bigjohn92
          your interview will be in kent more of a informal chat really .
          I have to go to Rochester for mine.


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            Re: Whats this with The Marmite Club?

            Yeah thats rochester in kent...

            I hope you weren't planning on heading up to manchester!


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              Re: Whats this with The Marmite Club?

              Originally posted by kayak
              Yeah thats rochester in kent...
              D'oh. I booked the train to the right place at least.


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                Re: Whats this with The Marmite Club?

                Hang on..

                I was getting mixed up with rochester and rochdale with the manchester comment! My bad.