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    Hello all,

    Since I last posted on the forum I had an interview with one sponsoring company (specialising in oil tankers). Whilst I was unfortunately unsuccessful in this interview (due I believe to a lack of life experience) I did, however, receive an offer from a company in the defence industry which would involve a technician apprenticeship leading to a career designing and testing warships. I accepted this offer and I am now progressing well in this apprenticeship programme. Since I now have no plans to fulfill a career in the Merchant Navy in the foreseable future and have little advice to offer to prospective cadets I am going to leave this forum soon. I would just like to thank everyone for their advice and wish the best of luck to both those on this forum and the cadets of the future.

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    very well done to you - a shame you didn't quite manage to get into the MN but a job is a job :-)

    best of luck in your future career
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      No need to leave... there's no reason why this forum has to *only* be about cadets all the time (despite the name)... Personally, I think it'd be good to keep a good spread of people from all parts related to working at sea.
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        No need to vanish. I'm sure you will still be able to have an input into some of the nonsense that pops up around here from time to time.

        Not everyone on this forum sails you know....
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