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    Hello all,
    First of all I'd like to thank you everyone for their support and advice. A few months back I was a TOTAL Newbie to all of this but with your support I have achieved a lot. So, I passed the interview stage with PC and I recently received a call from them saying that they are happy to sponsor me etc. I was so excited that although I managed to write briefly what was said during the call I can't understand some of my handwriting.

    I can't precisely remember some of the key things said about the contract, whether they were going to send it or I whether I was supposed to do something prior to that.....Although only a week has passed since the call.....

    So should I wait for them to send me the Contract or do I need to get the medical sorted etc and then ask them to send the contract?
    I suppose I could try a polite email. Please advice as I don't want to delay anything. Starting in Jan 2012 and it was said that they haven't decided the location for the college yet (could that be the reason for why I haven't received anything yet....or maybe I could wait for a few more days)

    Please help any advice would be appreciated.Thank you for your time.

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    Get in touch with your company and tell them that in the excitement of the moment you didnt quite understand all of the information they put across and you'd like them to clarify a few points

    always best to be honest with the companies
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      yeah, the two options are a) nothing, assume that you dont need to do anything, if its wrong you will next hear form them wondering if youve changed your mind
      b) ring, seem polite honest and keen, if you didnt need to do anything its no harm done, and if you did they can help you get started.

      other than that congrats
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        Cheers guys,
        I've just sent them a simple and polite email stating, "Reference to our conversation on.......please could you advice me whether there is anything I need to do before the Offer pack arrives". Hopefully I should know whether I'm on track or not. Phew....! I know that only a week has passed but it's better to be safe than sorry. Now all I have to do is be patient. And honestly guys couldn't have done this without you lot so keep up the Good work.