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What happens after training?

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  • What happens after training?

    I am currently considering the MN as a career and had a couple of questions.

    Assuming I take on an offer for a Foundation Degree, I would like to get the Honours Degree as some day I might want to do something else and think it is important to have the right qualifications. How easy is it to get your sponsoring company to finance your extra year or do you normally have to find a different sponsor?

    I was wondering what happened after you qualify. Assuming that you are not tied to your sponsoring company, how easy is it to move on to a job with someone else?


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    Re: What happens after training?

    Right well having done a lowly HND.....all I can say is easy peasy..... moving company is as easy as applyig and getting a company, now how it goes with the whole degree and further degree thing no idea, you may well have to be self funding, remeber as you go along you earn credits towards the further degree IE Chiefs (used) to equivalent to a 1:1 (honours). Also remember that not many have yet completed the foundation or gone further YET... the MCA might be working blind at the moment.....

    There are others here who are younger and better informed than this old fart......

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      Re: What happens after training?

      It varies by company... some companies will happily pay for / insist you do the top up (such as Shell).

      Others will ask you to apply and then they will pick 2 or 3 of the applicants to do the top up. (I shan't name)

      And then there are others who simply wont pay for you to do the top up. In which case your option is to pay for it yourself. There seems to be differences depending upon what college you attend as to what is involved in the top up... If you do the Foundation Degree at Warsash you simply do a few months extra at the college then a dissertation in your own time. I believe size4 said the college she was at is different. There is also no requirement for you to do the top up immediately upon finishing the cadet ship.

      I suggest if you really want to do the full degree, through the foundation route, that you get confirmation in writing from your sponsoring company that they will pay for it. Probably also worth checking with whatever college you are likely to attend what the actual requirements and costs are.
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