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Saga Cruises!??

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  • Saga Cruises!??

    Hi there, has anyone had any experiences with saga, or know anything about them?
    What would the voyage length typically be for a Deck cadet?
    Would they have a preference of college you attend?
    Thanks a lot!

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    old peoples cruises lol


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      I know a Saga cadet, he said they send all their cadets to Warsash - although I think he is the only deck cadet with them in phase one! They treat him quite well, he was told they have never not given a job to a cadet, as they like to keep people in the company.

      They are also getting a new ship next year, by new I mean new to the company.

      I shall ask the cadet I know about trip lengths, see what he knows and post back.

      PS.... Just because the passengers are old, doesn't mean the beauticians/dancers are too. :P


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        thanks a lot Faust. Good information and great college too.
        that would be really helpful .
        nothing up with more mature passengers ha