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What's the difference between SSTG and CMT?

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  • What's the difference between SSTG and CMT?

    Title says it all really, is there much difference in wages or how good they are?

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    If you can live locally at home with CMT you get more money in your first phases, CMT gives bonuses at the end of each phase if your a good cadet, the pay rate is around the same, only big difference i noticed was when you choose your companies out of both agencies, CMT only give a preference towards them, with SSTG you WILL go with one of the 3 companies you have chosen.
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      I can't live locally to any of the colleges as my closest one is Glasgow and it's still 200 miles away.


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        You're unlikely to get a definitive answer regarding pay, as even within the likes of SSTG different sponsor companies pay different amounts.

        On the other hand, SSTG pay for your accomodation directly with the college in phase one, and either pay the college or give you an accomodation allowance in later phases which can be quite generous. You receive a training allowance on top. Most SSTG cadets are in a good financial position.
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          I trained as a SSTG cadet. The allowances received were fair and covered what was required. Obviously if you fancy getting pissed every night and have an expensive car then you will have to look for alternative sources of income to supplement. From what I gather, a few SSTG companies pay a separate allowance but on the most part everyone is n the same scale. With the annual (term) increments.