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Information help needed for interview with SSTG engineering side

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  • Information help needed for interview with SSTG engineering side

    I am applying to SSTG in the next coming days and im entering the engineering side, and im not quite to sure what sort of questions will be asked in the interview. so if any one has any ideas what sort of questions they would ask it would gladly be appreciated!

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    Hi and welcome!
    I was in the same position as you a while back and got some help from here. Did SSTG send you and information sheets about different ships etc.? If not I would suggest you have a look and what types of ships are out there, how many people they have on board as crew, if they are deep sea and so on. Also, typical jobs would expect to be doing as a cadet engineer. Make sure show them your not expecting it to be all the nice jobs too. Make sure you know the names of a good few shipping companies, and of coarse about SSTG themselves. If you need anymore help there is a large thread already dedicated to this topic, you can find it here
    Further question just message me! Was only 2 months ago I had my interview with clyde marine.


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      The hardest question to usually answer is 'why do you want to do this course', 'why should we employ you', 'what makes you interested in the marine industry?' thinks like that were the worst for me!
      Life at sea is a life for me


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        If the interview is anything like mine it will be pretty informal so don't worry too much. Just take the advice from above and be likeable and show you have a bit about you.