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What SSTG sponsor company?

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  • What SSTG sponsor company?

    Hi there, It would be great if you could help me. I have passed a first interview with sstg. Now have to decide which company? I would prefer to go fleetwood.
    Could you share your experiences with any SSTG company. Did they let you choose your college?

    Thanks a lot

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    What company options did you get? Is it for a January or September start? Will you be doing HND or Foundation Degree? Most companies are quite lenient on which college you go to, however i am aware that North Star insist you go to Glasgow College and you stay in the Halls of Residence for all three years of your cadetship. I had an interview with SSTG recently, i was offered the job there and then, and given a choice of a few companies to choose from. I might be able to answer your question in more depth if you answer mine haha .

    Firstly, you need to decide what kind of stint at sea your prepared to do. Companies such a Paccship and Evergreen are deep sea companies, this means that you would be at sea for around (3-5) month at a time. Secondly, you need to consider what kind of vessel you want to work on. IE, Cruise liner, oil tanker, cargo ship etc etc. Please don't fall into the trap that most people make (including myself before i looked more into it) and immediately go for a cruise ship. Once qualified, your sponsoring company may offer you a job, and note that the pay difference between a Cruise ship and a Cargo ship can be up to ?3000, correct me if i am wrong.

    There are also a lot of other factors you need to consider; some companies have predominately foreign crews. Would you be happy working in that enviroment? On your sea phase, the vessel is your home, far eastern crews tend to have far eastern diets. Will you be happy eating oriental food for 3 months? (please note these are just generalisations).

    There is so much more to add, im sure other people will chip in. I have an interview with Paccship tomorrow (DECK) (passed on from SSTG), so ill let you know any more information i find out as i go. Good luck with your choices!



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      The only thing I would say is don't select a company based on pay, certain companies with SSTG pay a lot more, some pay a lot less. However, if you end up paid well and hate the work, I wouldn't say it is worth any money in the world.


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        got a choice of most of them connor, lots of offshore and deep sea companies. However "early bird catches the worm" more choose because im looking for 2012 september.
        Hopefully to do the FD route, however for 2012 package is under review.
        Thanks for your help.
        Hopefully your interview went well? Did they let you choose which college?
        Hang on so you had your interview with sstg recently and got a interview with a company shortly after? you doing jan 2012?


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          Yep. Interview for SSTG on Thursday the 29th of September, and ive just got back from London tonight from my Paccship interview, which went extremely well. You got it in one there mate "early bird catches the worm". The quicker you move the better, as spaces fill as time goes on. January 2012 is correct. And yes, i am able to choose which college i will be attending. Like i said, most companies are lenient.


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            Most companies with SSTG offer the same. Experiences differ though.
            If I was you as a cadet I wouldnt put money as a deciding factor, but what type of ship you want to go on and actually get out of the course.