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Paccship interview for potential Decky.

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  • Paccship interview for potential Decky.

    Hey guys, so im travelling to London from Newcastle on Friday for an interview with Paccship which was arranged by SSTG. I was just curious if there was any deckies with Paccship on here? Ive got a good low down on the company, and have got a few questions in mind to ask when i am there. I was also wondering if there was any questions that current deckies asked that did stimulate interest from your interview, and did those questions give you any good information about your company that you otherwise might not of picked up on? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. (it doesn't have to Paccship orientated, just general deckie things).

    Thanks a lot people,

    Much love, Connor!

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    Paccship interview

    Hi Connor,

    I Had my interview with Paccship today for an Engineer sponsorship, and it went well.
    You'll get a load of detailed information about the company and it's individual ships on paper to take home, and the guy was happy to answer questions about anything. When i asked him about course content, he didn't know exactly because he trained in New Zealand, but stuff like that can be found on here i guess.
    Basically, if you've got this far, you're pretty much in, so don't worry. (the interview just gives you information about Paccship, and the job/life at sea etc. as opposed to a selection process.)

    Good luck mate.


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      Sweet man, good luck! If you get it will you be starting in January? If so what college you attending? SSTG passed me on for an interview with them.... Did your interviewer give you a timescale of when he would let you know if you where successful? I know that im going for decky opposed to engine like yourself, but where there any general questions that threw you at all?

      Thanks a lot, Connor


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        Hey man, how did your interview go? Sorry i couldn't reply before you went, but i'm sure you did fine. I'm starting at South Tyneside College in January, what about you?


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          yeah i got offered it, thanks for asking. medical this saturday, once thats done everything should be set in stone, wooohoo!