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    Hello everyone,

    I am hoping to secure a place as deck officer cadet shortly. In my first interview I was asked about what I would be doing were I to be succesful and become a third officer. I was hoping some serving deck officers here could give me a bit of help as to what they actually do? I have done a lot of research but nothing like information direct from the horse's mouth.

    Thanks in advance,

    Paul Walkden

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    Drive the ship, maintain safety gear, train the crew, and stuff. Lots of stuff, it depends on what kind of ship you're on really.

    Umm, there's a lot really but that's it in a (very small) nutshell. It all boils down to keeping you and everyone else safe. Safe navigation, safe use of gear, safe operations, safety is paramount!


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      Hi Paul,

      I think that more or less covers it! Safety, safety, and.... you guessed it.... safety.

      To be successful, you need motivation and ambition. Once qualified, a Deck Officer is responsible for the safe navigation of the ship and onboard operations. Ideally you should have an eye for detail, and if you see a potentially dangerous activity taking place without adequate safety measures in place, it is your duty to step in and take appropriate measures to sort it out. A Deck Officer is responsible for compliance with the Collision Regulations, other maritime legislation and negotiating traffic situations on the Bridge, although always being aware that if in doubt, the Master is to be called. You may also be responsible for inspections and maintenance of safety gear and crew training/inductions, the exact details of which will vary depending on the company.

      If you are applying to cruise lines, then be sure to mention the fact you are carrying passengers and talk about your responsibilities to them - on cruise ships, socialising with your guests is part of a Deck Officers job! If you are applying to any other cargo ship, do your company research in advance and find out what types of ships they operate - the fact that you have already shown interest by doing your research will help make you stand out from the crowd.


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        Thanks for the replies they were very helpful! I passed my AIB and got my ENG1 unrestricted so I should start Dartmouth in May/June. This site was a great help and your two posts secifically so thanks again.


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          Well done Paul! Congratulations and don't be a stranger! The best source of information for new potential cadets is those who have just been through the process of application, so that they can get the most up to date information. And we love hearing how people are getting on through their cadetship too. Enjoy Dartmouth


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