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    Anyone got any good tips on writing a good personal statement ??

    King Regards

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    Chiefy answered this pretty well on another thread I just found using the search function.

    Originally posted by Chiefy View Post
    No idea what a personal statment is. But the question is a genuine attempt to get you toexplain your motivation, why do YOU want to come to sea? For the travel, for the career, for the girls in everyport, or....well it'd looked like a good idea at the time

    It should be as long as you feel, they arent expecting (or wanting) war and peace, but some sort of clue that you know what you are getting into have done some research and are a real person


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      "I'm better than sliced bread. If you give me this job I'll pay you lots and lots of money and give you my first born child. I will even have your babies if that's how you want to go about it. Trust me, every other person you've ever interviewed is an utter retard who will be terrified at the prospect of the "Oral Exam", especially after they hear about getting a "Seaman's Discharge Book". Oh, and if you do let me go in, I'll be your best mate as well! Please do let me know the best way to suck up to you and how obsequious you would like me to be. Don't forget I am better than sliced bread!."

      The above should get you that coveted interview.
      I love deadlines. I like the whooshing sound they make as they fly by.....

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        Don't say...."I enjoy reading, socialising and football" or "I rock, innit"

        Do say... something that makes you sound like a human being with a brain. Are you talking about the UCAS 25 lines personal statement, or one to go on top of your CV, or one for an application form??? There's subtle differences y'see!


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