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    I am attending an interview in a couple weeks for an engineer cadet position and i have a couple questions which i hope the forum can help me out with -

    1. I come from a computing background and have little knowledge of engineering so what aspects of engineering should i learn about before going? And what questions should i expect?
    2. I also have to sit a few tests. I know what to expect form the maths part of it but i am a little unsure about what kind of questions i will get in the Spatial Ability and Verbal Reasoning tests?


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    Hi, first of all; goodluck.

    I can't help with the second question but if this is any help for the first:

    Typical interview questions I can think of:

    -If I walked into an engine room, what would I see?
    -What is the temperature in an engine room?
    -What are the dangers in the engine room?
    -List a few systems in the engine room
    -What is the engineering department officer structure (4th, 3rd, 2nd, chief) and what jobs do they do?

    These are pretty generic, so it would be worth learning them just in case.
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      - Difference between a petrol and diesel engine
      - What does a ship's main engine run on
      - Ship types
      - Does a ship use a starter motor
      - etc
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