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  • Fleetwood

    Morning all

    Just had my interview with CMT for an engineer cadetship, got offered a place on the course starting 26th September down at the Fleetwood campus (me being from glasgow-ish)

    I was just wanting to ask anyone who has been there or is there currently on how they found the college and Halls?

    Or i can wait until January and head to Glasgow again same question how was the college and halls?

    All comments are much appreciated

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    Fleetwood is undergoing a big refit at the moment. Halls are probably almost finished being re-done, and then the rest of the campus is going to be done in stages in the next year or so. The college has only just started doing engineer cadetships so its all quite new, but thus so is the engineering facilities, which do sound quite good.


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      Personally I think Fleetwood is an excellent college - I start there on the 11th, but I've done a few courses here and there and met the lecturers and some of the cadets. It really is a great place, and I would certainly take the opportunity. I don't know too much about Glasgow, but I haven't heard the best things about it - having said that, I think all colleges have to be up to a reasonable standard across the board.

      Either way, I think if you've got an opportunity now; take it. Fleetwood is a great college, as is the town itself (I've lived over here for the past 3 years or so).



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        thanks guys, can anyone tell me what the facilities are mainly the gym (stress relief) and anything in the local area, not there to party but it’s nice to have somewhere to get away from it all at times i would imagine? Also what are the rooms like communal showers ECT?

        Thanks again


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          Hey there Macclure, I'm also starting an engineering cadetship at Fleetwood on the 26th. Definitely looking forward to it I have to say. Can't help you much as far as the facilities as I've not been there myself. Do you know what company you'd be sponsored by if you took up the offer?


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            hey guys, im also starting at fleetwood on the 26th, looking forward to it now! see you there


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              Haven't been on here in ages but hello! I'm a female engineering cadet joining Fleetwood on the 25th/26th


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                I'll be back on the 5th! (prob be in the library for a couple of days before that too... sodding WBL)


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