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Warsash Maritime Academy Open Day - 20th January 2012

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  • Warsash Maritime Academy Open Day - 20th January 2012

    Our next open day is Friday 20th January 2012 from 10am to 4pm.

    The Open Day aims to give prospective officer cadets an insight into what a career in the shipping industry has to offer and the training programmes necessary to become qualified as a ship's navigation or engineer officer.

    Many of the major British shipping companies currently recruiting cadets will attend to give information about the career opportunities that they can offer.

    Cadets under training will also be on hand to share some first hand experiences of the career that they have chosen.

    A number of our training facilities will be open and visitors will be able to take part in demonstrations and exercises designed to give a flavour of life at sea. These will include the Ship's Bridge Simulator and Engine Room Simulator.

    For more information please visit -

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    ill be going...again (any opportunity to mingle with potential employers ey? ) any news of which companies will be there? cheers


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      Hi hatty,

      Most of the companies tend to turn out at the January open day, though might be worth emailing Warsash/Emily on the open day link.

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        I've been offered a sponsorship to study at WMA; but I don't have any transport, or means of getting down there. I've attended lairdside twice; had a little piss around on the deck simulator and that.

        When you go to the WMA one, do you get to see the actual campus, where you'll be staying etc?

        I only really have a few things that I need clarification on; that I could probably do online if I'm honest; because getting down there would be a problem for me then; unless anyone else on here from up my way(Merseyside) is going and wants to let me bum a ride?


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          If you follow the link provided by Emily it gives a good run down on what is shown at the open day. I know that the accommodation is available to see and I believe that their are classes and the simulators are shown.
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