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Would having a higher in physics significantly increase my chance of getting a cadetship or an IGCSE?

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  • Would having a higher in physics significantly increase my chance of getting a cadetship or an IGCSE?

    Hello all, I have decided to pursue a career as a deck officer in the merchant navy, i dropped out of my degree in finance at university last year as it was not for me and i only really went as i felt that, that was my only option at the time. I have been playing with the idea of the merchant navy for the last couple of years and after much thought and reading ( alot on these forums) i have decided to go for it.

    My only issue is that due to living all over the world and moving schools alot when i was younger, i dont have any science qualifications from school, no standard grades or GCSE's even. I do however have a "B" in Higher maths and a A, C and a D in other non relevant higher subjects, plus a B at Intermediate 2 english.

    I am aiming for the September 2012 intake, and have decided to get some sort of qualification in physics in the next year, it has to be distance learning unfortunately as there is no courses where i am in Aberdeen. I have the option of doing a IGCSE in Physics which i could sit in January and the result by March, or I can do Higher Physics and have the results in August.

    My preference would be to do the IGCSE as that would only cost me 100 pound compared to 400 pound for the higher, and i would also have the grade for it come applying for the september intake in March. I would be wanting just to do the HND at Glasgow.

    Would having a higher in physics significantly increase my chance of getting a cadetship or an IGCSE? If i did do the Higher Physics would it matter that i didnt have the grade for it yet once i applied?

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    You might want to check with the colleges and companies directly. Warsash require a C or higher at GCSE in Science for both the HND and FD courses. Before spending money, though, be 100% of what you need.
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      Yes! All companies require you to have a minimum of about a C in a Double Science Award or Physics. Although I am quite surprised that you never did any science awards whilst in school....

      Doing the IGCSE should be easy enough so you should be set for your applications in March. Good Luck!
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        yea alot of people are surprised when i tell them i dont have any science qualifications like GCSE or standard grade qualifications, the reason for that is because i lived and went to school in the USA and singapore from the ages of 11 to 16 t, so when i moved back at the age of 16 i went straight into fifth year when you do your highers, and decided to do business related subjects as the amercian system was way behind the british system at the age i was at in science subjects.

        Yea i think i will contact the companys, as it would be a good thing to be able say in an interview that i contacted them for advice and acted on it.


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          Your probably fine I didn't have a higher physics. Only thing is about half the companies say they want a higher maths and physics but the rest want one or the other. So you might not please everyone but no doubt you'll find somebody.

          good luck