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    September Engineer Cadet at GCNS. I am just wondering if the Accommodation is paid for by your sponsor company or does the accommodation fees come out of your ?170 you get a week? Any1 else Engineer Cadet in GCNS september intake, be sound to hear from you.



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    Re: Pay & Accommodation

    That depends on your sponsor...

    In general, some large companies give you a lump sum to sort out yourself; the training mills (like Clyde) and crew management ones seem to pay your accommodation costs either directly to the college (for the first term), or through a "lodgings allowance", that they pay to you (or maybe some make you post them the bill, I dunno).

    There are several GCNS-ers on board who can offer more detail.
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      Re: Pay & Accommodation

      Clyde marine doesn't pay accommodation costs at all.

      They pay:
      ?170 for the first and third phase of college.
      ?120 for 2nd and 4th Phase at sea
      ?190 for fifth phase (final phase)

      That's what we all got anyways...
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