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  • Help with 'The Dilemma'

    Hello again,

    So the big question is that, Should I go ahead with studying 'a degree course' at University whilst I'm waiting for the companies to reply back or would that cause an issue in the future regarding SMART funding etc ?

    I really have to make a quick decision in the given time frame, and let the Universities know whether I want to enrol on their course.

    I want to be doing something whilst I'm waiting for the companies to get back and not sitting at home doing nothing. Could anyone advice a course that I could do at University like Marine or Nautical courses in that time which would then help me get into Merchant Navy and that I could then reapply with that degree.

    Having said that, Merchant Navy is the future for me and I really want a long-term career in the Industry. Please advice, thank you very much.

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    Why not accept your pharmacy place and defer it for a year? That way if you get accepted to merchant navy you can drop it. If not you have something to fall back on.


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      Well, the only problem is if I don't get the grades tomorrow they will simply reject me even if I miss a grade by 2 or 3 points because of the fierce competition due to the nature of the course. Cheers anyway!

      Oh! one other thing that might cause confusion ....when I said, "Should I go ahead with studying a degree course at University".....line I meant studying an alternative course should I get rejected from Pharmacy in the first then I would be looking at alternatives.


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        Lewis is on to something there - deferring could be the best option, though it doesn't solve your problem of what to do in the meantime. Have you thought about getting some work experience and earning some money while you're waiting?

        As long as you are medically fit, meet the medical requirements and really want it, you will get a cadetship. There's plenty of companies recruiting and you'll find a place. Just make 100% sure that it's the career for you and make sure you think very carefully about your decisions. You wouldn't have applied to do Pharmacy without having some interest in the subject - are you sure you wouldn't regret not doing that?
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          No, Pharmacy is a good career option and I even did some work experience ...but at the time I was also looking at alternatives to keep my options open and during family discussions...randomly came across Merchant Navy. At first I didn't know much about the industry but with research I know that It'll be just the career....If I knew about MNavy at the time it would have been my first choice and I wouldn't have chosen Pharmacy it was just that I had no knowledge at the time.

          I understand that it'll be totally different from Pharmacy and a lot of hard work but that's something I am willing to do. Yes, I think I'm medically fit and meet the minimum entry requirement.


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            Lewis and CD, don't forget though if AV04 defers his uni placement to next year he will have to pay the new 'triple' fees that come into effect next year.


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              Yes, there's the 'fee' issue as well that put's me off going to Uni If ultimately I want to go to sea I don't want a huge debt on me. Please keep advising and thanks for your time. I will also be looking for a job in the meantime hope I find something you know how the economy is at the moment....


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                If you actually get your place for pharmacy tomorrow are you going to take it?? Or is this also part of the dilemma?


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                  Heres a thought do a cadetship get a foundation degree with no fees. If you don't like it then at least you have a foundation degree which could shave a few years off your degree and therefore fees.