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  • Thumbs up for Zodiac

    I am with zodiac and just finished my first sea phase and have heard all the stories about them being a bad company to work for but since being back and speaking to my class mates they dont seem that bad sure some of the officers and crews english wasnt great and the food wasnt 5 star but not half as bad as a was expecting

    it seems that these stories come from people who have heard from someone nobody that has saild on a zodizc ship has been on bad mouthing them
    and a think its a bit of a bad rep they are getting just because they have so many cadets

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    Its good that you had a good experience, i'm currently sailing with a russian crew and find that the english is passable for work but pretty hopless for general conversation, which does make it a bit frustrating but for the actual working experience its fine.

    a rumour or a bad review will have run around the world before the truth has even got its shoes on, its a sad fact of life and people rarely post about good experiences its much easier to have a moan.
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      There are a reason as to why there are some many complaints about them, have a read of their safety record. Larger company, more accidents...

      I think an old TO of mine once tried to describe Zodiac as being like McDonalds...
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        Good to hear some positive reports, reputation is a strange thing - you can't completely rely on it until you experience that person or company yourself.
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