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Crew Neck Or V-Neck NATO Jumper?

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  • Crew Neck Or V-Neck NATO Jumper?

    There doesn't seem to be a standard here as every sponsor specifies a different type, mine states I should have a crew neck NATO jumper, yet I know people who have bought V-Neck.

    Just wondering what people actually wear at the college?

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    generally, the MN uniform calls for a crew neck, however its pretty open to company specific rules, and personally i dont wear a jumper at college and while the look of crew neck and tie is acceptable, it just feels and looks wrong to me. But really you have to have the uniform that your compnay states, if you then choose to wear it all daily is your own choice i.e. clyde like blazers but apart from having one for the first few meetings it can stay in your wardrobe.

    On the other hand if you know anyone with about a 30inch chest i have a crewneck nato jumper going spaer, it was never big and after having to tumble dry it, its now kinda skimpy
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      No NATO jumpers look right with ties in my opinion, ties are much more formal. I'd go for crew neck. More useful at sea when it can be colder then the UK.