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    I have an interview with Anglo Eastern on 10th August, could any tell me what to expect and what is involved in their interview process.


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    theres a thread at the top of the list with all the tips for interviews have a look through them that will help you best
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      It's a pretty generic interview ... general questions about what you know about the industry (types of vessels etc, general geography/shipping routes) then a bit about yourself and your interests. Also, theres a maths test (pretty much gcse physics/maths stuff) but he let me take it home and its not too hard... formulas were on it.

      There's a few questions that make you think a bit more ... like your response to a situation etc. but im not going to tell you them because theres no fun in that

      Don't worry about it much though, they seemed nice and sometimes is not what you answer to the question is how you get to the answer... like if they can tell you have a logical way of working something out even if you dont know.

      You've got an interview so they obviously think you're worthy of a place so just show that you match your CV and that you've got a good attitude
      They seem pretty good at judging characters ... they picked me

      If you do have an idea of what type of vessels you'd like to sail on its worth mentioning because it shows you ve done your research and they never asked me they just assigned me to a company, luckily from what i can tell it looks like i ve got an interesting one It's Rio Tinto ... a big mining company. But i think they just send your CV off tbh and let the companies pick their cadet if you get what i mean.

      You could even email them or ring them and ask this question... they'll obviously only tell you what they want to tell you but it shows you're not afraid to ask and if there is anything specific i ve missed then they ll know obviously. They are really helpful and friendly so don't be afraid to just ask them stuff!!

      Have you had any other interviews yet?

      Seriousness aside though... it was my first interview for a cadetship... he asked me what books i read and i went blank and then said "er... i read marley and me once" :/ He asked me a few questions about parts of a ship ... i blanked again ... and i m not telling you what parts because you would question how i ever got a cadetship! :P -- i blamed nerves on the day all i wanted to do was cry the whole way home. oh and i claimed you could sail out of portsmouth into the north sea -- i m from Hull... everything is in the North Sea Genuinely the worst interview i think i ever had!

      So basically what im trying to say is there's hope for everyone!

      GOOD LUCK ... let us know how you get on or if you've got any more questions!


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        digi box...

        Fiona1993 has the whole thing pretty much covered.

        You'll be with a load of other people who are in the same boat as you (no pun intended) so just try and make friends with everybody as you may end up going to college with them!

        From what I can remember from the actual interview (or 'chat' as David called it) it was pretty chilled out - I felt like I was not under much pressure and I just answered the questions how I thought the situations should be dealt with/ whatever... So I guess as long as you're honest and don't try and say what you think he wants to hear you'll be fine!

        Yeah you get this Maths test which is laughably easy so unless you are completely hopeless at Maths then you'll have no problems at all

        Whoever you have interviewing you from Anglo will be nice as they are a friendly bunch of people so don't worry

        Hope all goes well!


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          I've just applied to Anglo-Eastern, let me know how your interview goes!
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            Thanks for the help.

            I will let you know how i get on.


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              just one more question, how long does the interview last?

              thanks in advance


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                Good luck today, let us know how it goes!
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                  Just thought i would update you on my interview, I have been offered a cadetship with Subsea 7. Just need to arrange a medical now etc

                  Thanks for the help on here.


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                    Good on you mate, you engine with me or deck ^^ ?


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                      Yey thats fantastic! Well done. Are you for Sept start or January??


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                        Congrats (:
                        "Did I tell you about my theory about sailors? Sailors are the finest people in the world."


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                          Fiona1993 - I am to start in September so not long to go, cant wait - have my medical on friday so once ill passed that itll be official.