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Maersk Vs OOCL

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  • Maersk Vs OOCL

    Yesterday I had an interview with Maersk They Rang me whilst I was travelling home to say they would offer me Sponsorship.

    The new Dilemma now is that I have accepted a job with Orient Overseas Container Line (no contract signed yet) and now I need to choose between the two I have till Friday morning to do so.

    Advantages to Maersk
    Large reputable company
    Range of Vessels
    Better chance of a Job at the end
    Dedicated Training officer.
    Maybe a better standard of training
    Maybe a better standard of ships

    No Guarantee of a job
    Poor wage and sponsorship payments
    Dry ships. Lots of Maersk rules

    Advantages of Orient Overseas Container Line
    Smaller but as reputable
    Good Training through SSTG (Friend and Cousin Are lecturers at nautical colleges)
    Good sponsorship package.
    They are currently taking on 4TH juniors British officers

    One type of vessel
    Maybe I will never be
    All the things that I want to be
    But now is not the time to cry
    Now's the time to find out why

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    Re: Maersk Vs OOCL

    How about simplifying your decision-making process?

    Name the top 3 things that are most important to you (in order).

    Score each choice on how well they'll deliver on those three things on a 1-3 scale.

    Add up the numbers; or if that doesn't work, then throw the numbers in the bin; stick the two acceptance letters to the wall with blue tack; put a blindfold on; get someone to spin you around and chuck a dart at the wall, and measure which letter it's the closest to with a tape measure?!

    Most of us are going through this sort thing at some stage, and I think ultimately, you have to have a word with yourself about what you're doing it all for... Often it comes down to which one would you least like to have snatched away from you.

    Some cadets go with scholarship sponsors, so they don't have a guaranteed job at the end anyway, but have a clear idea about what excites them in the industry.

    As you're choosing between two very similar options, you have to find a way of differentiating between them based on what's personally most important to you.
    One choice isn't always better than another, because you can't know the future.
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      Re: Maersk Vs OOCL

      Similarly, I arent sure about any company guaranteeing you a job at the end of the cadteship, when I did mine (a weee while ago now!) the contract was initially for the training period only and thats all any company offered, it was often infered that there would be a job at the end of it, though not promised.

      I suspect the same is still true now.

      Again I stand to be corrected but I have heard some things about the OOCL ships and the chances are you could be (even as a cadet) the only "Brit" on board, that may well be cobblers though however worth checking.

      As for your final choice as you arent tied to a company at the end of your cadetship (as they arent tied to you) and the training course is the same just a diferent company tie or blazer, then tbh it's much of a muchness. Maersk has the variety which can be useful, OOCL will be box boats.

      It's only for 3 years anyway
      Trust me I'm a Chief.

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