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  • Applications Progressing!

    Good afternoon all!

    I sent of a CMT Engineer application on Monday, got a call today for an interview in Southampton on August 2nd for the September induction.

    I'm stoked about this. But now incredibly nervous, this is my first shot at the dream career...

    Do any of you have advice for the engineering interview?

    Then, if by some divine miracle, I got in. Is it going to be easy to sort everything out in about.. a month? (accomodation etc etc)...

    Ugh but yay.

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    Congratulations. Regards interview advice just revise what the company is about, what ships they manage, whats going off in the news. Also prep an answer for questions of why merchant navy / why engineering. Other than that act polite, dress smart and be confidant.
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      Congrats, I've messaged you a few things to be ready for in an interview.


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        For getting organised in the time, wont be a problem CMT will have reserved a space in Halls for the number its taking on, you then just need to confirm (altohugh check this when you get the offer). obviuosly theres stuff needed but its really not hard to find,and you will need the money to pay for the first month halls etc so start saving.

        As for interview, know the reasons why, know sometihng about ship types, watches, duties be smart confident and not cocky. Depending on your age wear a suit, if you dont have one a cheap black one from asda will suffice and then you cna use it at college once you sow the patch on. good luck anyhow.
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          congrats on that haha quick turn around for you then go in confident smart looking look into the merchant navy ship types job types as a engineer why you want to be a engineer and not deck what kind of company do you want to work for cruise bulk offshore box boats etc etc
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            Originally posted by Jonny View Post
            Congrats, I've messaged you a few things to be ready for in an interview.
            Now then Jonny, share your toys with everyone. (It's kinda the point of the forum!)
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              I agree, he should! It was good advice and should be shared

              I won't leak it though, I'm not a News of the World noob!


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                  Wasn't sure if it would be alright to post it [snip]

                  Admin Note: General information is fine
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                    Current Affairs
                    Engineer/Deck Officer Roles(Shift Rotations too)
                    Role as a Cadet/Why your at the bottom
                    Why the Merchant Navy
                    Types of Ships
                    What the company is or about the company
                    What you would do in your spare time on board
                    How you would deal with an emergency