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Safety Shoes/Boots for college?

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    I just love being patted down by those female security guards


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      both methods are good for travel packing stuff into them can be handy can keep all your wee bits together and you know where to find your spare batteries or travel adaptor instead of digging about in your bag though wearing them might not look great but it saves weight and size I know sea cadets who would wear there parade boots with metal clickers and shinning like mirrors on a plane just to save weight!!!!!
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        I usually fly wearing my favourite Cougar safety boots but that's just because they're comfy and easy to pull on/off. They are significantly smaller than the usual riggers though. Flying to Australia in a week, 23 hour flight, my feet get quite cold on long haul flights, so I think I might experiment and wear my nice, warm riggers.
        Hope they let me on the plane in those things.


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          My sponsor issued me these:
          Supplied as a single disc. Illustration shows top and underside of the disc. 90mm diameter pad for 100mm (4") sanding discs.. Complete with M10x1.25 locking nut suitable for Kango/Wolf Grinderette, Makita, Matco, Sealey, Taskmaster machines.

          I am not a great fan of riggers, but these are the best pair I've had to wear, I like the fact they aren't fur lined!