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    Hey people! This may be a silly question but during the sea phases, can they be in the months of like July or August?, because I really want to go to T in the Park next year and I was told you don't find out the dates until nearer the time you join your first ship, so I was wondering if July is like your summer holiday like what high school is like.


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    Wherever your course has sea phases programmed in, you can be sent to sea. You might be away the entire time, or you might have lots of leave. Depends on a lot of things. You could request specific dates but the likelihood they'll be taken into consideration is very, very slim. Sponsoring companies have limited berths and lots of cadets to fit in, their main priority is making sure you get your seatime in.

    It's a bit harsh, but at the end of the day it's all part of the career.
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      Best wait and sea at the time. T and the park tickets were on ebay for half the price last week and were struggling to sell.


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        Thanks Charlie and Lewis! I'm main focus is my career anyway so T in the Park can wait!


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          I wanted a specific date and asked my company they had no issue with it but it helped that it was only getting off the boat a week sooner than would have otherwise happened, if you really want a holiday most places will consider it but its going to be harder to work at in the middle of the time rather than at either end.

          the other aspect is if you ask now then how it comes across to the company, really important once in a life time things are going to get a yes most other things are going to get a no unless it really doesnt affect the plans. its the same idea that your very unlikely to get the first christmas off when you qualify.
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