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Problem with finding contract.

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  • Problem with finding contract.


    I am a 3rd year student of Maritime Academy of Szczecin (Polish maritime academy). Now we have something called job-break, a one year to get practice so we can get the 3rd mate diploma right after finishing school.
    I have more than 2 months practice and O/S diploma. But now, i have big problem finding job as Deck Cadet (im not saying about O/S, cause its almost imposible - all places are taken by filipinos for 400$.).

    Ive sent over 100 applications, made tons of call - and noone wants Cadets. Maybe You could help me with some agencies, or maybe ship owners who need Cadets? Money is less important thing right now. I need good practice to get started with this.

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    Contact CF Sharp, Bibbys, Jebsens or V.Ships.
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      Thanks for the information. I've just sent application