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    Hi All,

    First post on here so firstly, hello.... I'm starting at Warsash this September after finding the world of Business to be far more the world of moving numbers about on spreadsheets and have a few questions about career routes for the guys n girls that have been there and done it already.

    How 'pigeon-holed' are you to the sort of ship that you did your sponsorship with, i.e if you started life on a cruise ship would you find it difficult to move to PSV and offshore type work / cargo ship etc?

    I'm keen to keep my options open as to the type of ships I am experienced enough to work on and just wandered whether anyone has found themselves working on all sorts during their careers or does it generally tend to be similar ship types throughout?

    Cheers in advance.

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    I think the only real limitation is ships that require dangerous cargo endorsements so oil, chemical and gas carriers they require 3 months sea time to get the endorsement before you can sail in your normal capacity so if you do it as a cadet tis easier. as for moving from company to company i would guess a good interview is what will help
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      The certificate you'll be awarded by the MCA after your cadetship will be an unlimited ticket but as ETwhat? says there are some types of ships that require endorsements and extra sea time. Some companies may prefer officers with experience on their types of ship. However you're not limited to what ship you work on, the qualification will allow you to go pretty much anywhere. Some transitions are easier to make, E.g. Cruise to super-yacht rather than cruise to oil tanker. Or Oil tanker to chemical carrier that oil tanker to super-yacht.

      While there sometimes can be difficulties in making the switch, there's not anything in the regulations or permissions stopping you, if you have all the correct endorsements

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