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  • SSTG interviews

    I have an interview for SSTG coming up and was wondering what advice people would give? Experiences? I've read all the info they send out and a bit about the company.


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    Be honest and relax is all I can say. Have a read of some of the Nautilus Telegraphs online and make sure that your shoes are polished and your shirt ironed.

    They are pretty informal, and if you're successful I imagine you'll know in the first 15 minutes!


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      Treat it as a friendly chat!


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        Don't be to worried as soon as I went in I relaxed and ended up enjoying it. It turned into a general chat. He seemed to focus more on preparing for any further interviews with specific companies. Just make sure you have everything the forms say and look smart.


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          As above. Be polite, look smart and do some reading up on whats going on/ the companies before you go.
          "We're not pirates, We're preemptive nautical salvage experts"


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            Like people said, just be yourself. Make sure you can explain why you decided to do this (join MN and deck or engine route) and research the companies, especially the ones you want to do your cadetship with and why you want those particular companies.


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              Mine was a friendly chat, I just traveled from Cardiff to Kent, was tired and to be honest sh**ing myself. I actually enjoyed the interview


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                The guy who will interview you (wont mention his name) is really nice and friendly, with me we had a serious interview for the first 15 minutes and a friendly chat for the half an hour afterwards, in total it took 3 quarters of an hour. btw they will be much more impressed with you if you dont go in with the idea of serving your cadetship on cruises.

                good luck