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  • Uniform Issues

    I will be starting my course in september and there some items on the list of Uniform pieces where i have no idea where to get them from, such as

    - a white or company issued boilersiut (clearly marked with the cadet's name above the left hand breast pocket)

    -Navy Blue seamans jersey RN pattern

    I tried my best to find these things but i did not have any luck, if anyone there with more experience concerning the purchase of uniforms can give me a little help, i would me most grateful.
    And, just to clarify i will be In Glasgow with SSTG and North Star as a deck cadet.

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    for the rn jumper cadet direct might help or a surplus shop
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      Your company should sort you out with the boilersuit because it's safety equipment, though you should clarify that with SSTG.

      For the jumper, have a look for a navy NATO jumper. Have a Google about for Miller Rayner, SM Bass and Clyde Marine Uniforms (Clyde have an online shop).
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        for the boiler suit 'company issued' does kinda give how you might get one, however i dont know anyone who had their names on them, not that i can't see how it might be useful, maybe someone from sstg will comment on wether or not that really happens, nato jumpers are easy enough to find
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          Buy your own boiler suit - don't get your name on it. No one did when I started. If your company issues you with kit prior to college then great, although you may find they wont until you join your first vessel. And even then take your own so you know you have something if sizes onboard don't fit.

          As for the NATO wool jumper. You can pick these up in numerous places - including Miller Rayner and Bass. Even so - no one really wore them down South. I didn't even take one to WMA when I started. Although you may require one up north... lol


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            I always got most of my stuff from

            They sell everything but the rank slides...
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              There are shops in Glasgow where you might find a pullover:

              We Specialise in army surplus, airsoft guns,military clothing, camping gear and Cadet kit. Now with marching band kit such as flagpoles and flags.

              Though I would prefer wool to the acrylic in the first link.


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                the boiler suit I got issued at college was a bit tight... but I could have swapped it had i been a bit swifter. I've got a couple more oversized ones now, as they do tend to shrink a bit.
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                  Alright guys thank you very much for your help, I really appreciate it. I'll simply ask my training officer about the boiler suit just to make sure.
                  Thank you again, and next time I have a question, I know who to ask