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Will I get bullied?

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  • Will I get bullied?

    Im due to start at warsash this september with Maersk, and I'm wondering if there are bullies at this college because I in the past get verbally abused a lot as my body is slightly out of proportion. I will upload a pic for you to see but please take it sensibly as I am serious and mature about starting this career.

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    I wouldn't worry mate you are thinking way way way to much about it I get the feeling you have just left school am i right?? i was bullied at school for years for my weight and basically because i was brought up with manners, i left in 2007 and have been doing college since then and it hasn't been a issue since its school mainly, throughout life you will find bullies in different forms and you will learn how to deal with them in your own way etc etc I have a manager at work who seems to have a issue with me now i quit in 3 months so i dont care anymore but everyone else dislikes her so I aint alone and well lets say niceness has gone out the window and if she talks down to me like dirt i tell her where to go not because i don't know how to give respect etc etc to people above me but because she doesn't give me any (2 way street) rant over

    I say wait and see if it does come up (not that it should in any way) there is lots of people to talk to, if you want to talk about how ive delt with it feel free to ask or pm as i say ive been bullied and now deal with it in the cadets
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      There are definitely cadets at colleges who take the p in various ways, bullying is not always overt name calling or whatever; it can also be in the form of provoking someone to punch someone, and thus lose their place.
      Either way, however much cadets behave as though they think they are at school or some kind of holiday camp, the idea is that you behave as you are at work, and whatever happens the best recourse is to get things as out in the open as possible - daylight is the best disinfectant... be a snitch if you have to, but don't let people establish crap behaviour as an acceptable norm - report concerns, discretely if you prefer, to a member of staff who you feel comfortable doing it to, and they should (and probably will) look out for you and intervene - but they have to be aware of a problem to do that.
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        Just don't go overboard. Remember a bit of banter is a healthy part of any work place.


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          You should be fine, it's a fresh start, new people and a new you. Just have a sense of humour, don't take yourself too seriously and you will get on absolutely fine. Reinvent yourself.


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            Absolutely brilliant advice here-but I am a bit concerned that you might be going into the college with a slightly negetive bias. It is reprehensible to bully another person, but you will be on the receiving end of plenty of friendly banter which you mustn't take to heart.
            Warsash is a VERY friendly and supportive college and the staff bend over backwards to make you feel at home and safe. Also, you need to remember that cadets are there out of choice and have all made personal sacrifices to embark on this career...and as such we all have something to lose-which is certainly not the case at school.

            Go to Warsash and start your cadetship with a positive frame of mind and be open to all the wonderful experiences that are about to come your way-and DON'T worry about what other people think about you. This is the start of the rest of your life matey...enjoy it!!


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              sounds to me you got the wrong mindset, think positive, all i can say is if somebody is annoying you dont report them-not at first anyway, id tell them theyre getting to you and tell them if they keep it up theyl get reported, some people go to far without knowing it ...and nobody likes a grass lol im not defending bullies, hate them just saying if your thinking about reporting somebody then tell them first and chances are theyre gonna stop


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                As said above think positive and take the banter as banter. I never seen any bullying but the banter on ship can be tough sometimes, college is if anything easier. At first i had no reply to jokes but now can think of a comeback and deliver it expertly in milliseconds lol

                Theres no excuse for bullies as this is a career. Everyone is supposed to be an adult.

                Also, remember just because everyone is a cadet doesn't mean you'll like them all and all of them will like you. It's like anywhere in life, you'll always find friends somewhere. probably in an irish bars, someone will always talk to you in an irish bar!


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                  What's going on here? Well thought out replies, but..

                  Have any of the people who replied actually looked at the picture that was posted? It's a naked guy with censored crotch.

                  Have you all really fallen for these shenanigans or is this how we're supposed to play along


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                    bryllcream appears to be an old trolly friend of ours. Ban, lock, pic deleted.
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